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A seasonal mix of ALL NATURAL 100% beeswax candles.

Autumn - Shipping September 1, 2021
Contents: One Pear, Two Floating Walnut Boats, One Aspen Pillar, Two Small Native Corn, One Pair of Golden Tapers 

Winter - Shipping December 1, 2021
Contents:  One Orange, One Acorn Ornament, One 3X3 Pillar, Two Medium Pine Cones, One Box of Tea Lights

Spring - Shipping March 1, 2022
Contents: One Large Asparagus, One Green Lotus, One Chick, One Decorated Chicken Egg, One Fern Candle.

Summer - Shipping June 1, 2022
Contents: Two Pairs of Tapers, Two Rose Votives , One Box of Tea Lights, One Apricot, One Leaf Sm. Pillar 


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